11 Awesome Reasons to Love Body Shapers for Women!

Body Shapers for women seem to everywhere at the moment and they are regularly spotted on many stars. Jane Fonda, Jennifer Lopez, Sandra Bullock, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Garner and Jessica Alba are just a few of the world’s most famous women, who also happen to adore shape wear and speak out about their love of it!

There are revealing pictures in popular magazines of celebrities wearing shapewear – a quick shot of a shapewear slip or shorts under the outfit. This is intended to somehow embarrass them, but I think it makes these women more fabulous and more relatable.

Just as some stars are coy about using shapewear, many aren’t shy at all and will regularly post photos of it on Instagram (especially Kylie Jenner and the Kardashians).

Hey, if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for us and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to look like a star.

What the Stars Say

Jessica Alba claims “I wore Spanx before anyone. Spanx are the only thing that smooths out all of my lumps and bumps.”

Eternal beauty and fitness queen, Jane Fonda, once said “I never go anywhere without at least 6 or 7 different Spanx products. Most women I know (including Tina Fey) wonder how we managed before Spanx. In my view, Spanx are the clothing equivalent of the iPhone: How did we ever get on without them?”

Body Shapers for women work. That’s why they’re so popular – it’s as simple as that. Many of your friends know this and are probably using them already. Don’t be afraid to ask them about it!

Top 10 Reasons to Love Body Shapers for Women

1. The Results Are Instant!

Okay, so we all know that working hard in the gym and eating the right foods are what ultimately counts, but when you don’t have much time before an important event, or if your willpower has decided to head for the hills, there’s nothing like body shapers to save the day!

Wearing one will give you an immediately slimmer shape and curves in all the right places! Nothing will alter your appearance more dramatically and quickly.

No more dieting for months, no more wishing you could afford plastic surgery. Body shapers will give you the look that you’ve been hankering after without using the time and money involved in surgery and workouts. Instant transformation!

2. It’s Invisible to Others!

Like a masked superhero, body shapers are never seen! (well, unless the paparazzi are following you about!) They carry out their good deeds unseen. Body shapers sit discreetly underneath your clothes and no one will ever know they are there. They might suspect it, they might even talk about it, but they certainly won’t know for sure!

Thankfully, body shapers have very few seams and some have none at all. This means that even under the sheerest of fabrics they can remain your best kept secret – especially useful for summer clothes and evening wear.

You can rest assured that there is some type of shape wear for every outfit so that no one will ever see any signs of it. They’re also made of comfortable materials so you won’t be tugging at it or trying to fix it and thereby drawing attention to it.

3. There’s A Body Shaper for All Body Areas!

Fancy a flatter tummy?  Wish your bum was bigger or had more ‘lift’?  Want to show off your cracking cleavage?  Sick of those wobbly thighs?

There’s a shapewear solution for any area that you’re worried about, just as there is shapewear to accentuate all your positive parts too.

4. You’ll Gain Stacks of Confidence!

When you look your best, you usually feel your best. Our emotions are often tied to how well we look, how tired we look, how young we look. For most women, this includes a desire to feel slim. We often equate our beauty, our desirability, with being at our slimmest weight.

We all have days when we feel bigger or thinner.

On the days when you’re feeling bigger, wearing a bodyshaper will ease your mind. Those days when we feel less-than-slim (we all have them) will often be the days when we feel mentally not be at the top of our game.

We might be less likely to enjoy giving that presentation, or to meet that friend for lunch, or to enjoy having to go clothes shopping for an occasion. We might turn down invitations to social events.

Using a bodyshaper will improve your appearance, build up your confidence and lift your mood. For much less expense than medications, and in much less time than talk therapy, bodyshapers and shapewear can give your mental health a boost.

Believing that you look good will make your confidence soar.

5. Enjoy A Bigger Wardrobe!

Oops, once you’ve discovered the correct shapewear for your body type and experienced how wonderful it makes you feel, you’ll naturally feel like trying other outfits and styles. It’s time to show off your new shape!

You’ll be rummaging in the back of your wardrobe for fresh looks. If you’re anything like me, then you’ll have lots of hidden ‘bargains’ to choose from!

All those ‘too-good-to-throw-out-but-don’t-quite-fit-me’ outfits! All those ‘bought-in-a-sale-but-I’ll-wear-it-when-I-lose-weight’ outfits! All those ‘I-wore-these-before-I-had-kids’ jeans. Put on your shapewear and you’ll get many nice surprises! I bet that at least some of your forgotten clothes will move to the front of your wardrobe.

Okay, so you’ve gone through all the clothes you can find in the house, what next? As a result of all the extra confidence a body shaper will give you, comes the wish to increase your wardrobe! Apart from reviving the clothes already hanging in your wardrobe, it’ll now be much easier and more motivating to go shopping!

An interesting thing will likely happen when you’re shopping. The clothes that you might have considered ‘too tight’ before, or likely to show off parts of your body that you’d rather not, won’t have that worry attached to them anymore. Instead of instantly judging these clothes as ‘not-for-me’, you might actually take them off the rack and into the changing room!

Bodyshapers for women can help you feel great in everything!

Once you know what shapewear can do, and how good you can look in it, you will naturally want to try it in different fashion styles.

Remember searching through the real or online shops? Remember hoping to find the dress that could deliver all of the magic ingredients on your wish list? It could take a week to find something, and even then it was usually something that ‘would do’ and not something that was actually loved.

My Shopping List Before I Discovered Body Shapers

My shopping wish list normally included these:

· Sleeves to hide my embarrassingly wobbly arms.

· A dress with a flared skirt that wouldn’t cling to my less-than-flat tummy.

· A top long enough to cover that tummy.

· Trousers that wouldn’t be tight on my thighs and cause chafing when I walked.

· Something to accentuate my bust without being clingy everywhere else.

Yep, a perfect storm of ingredients that I could never quite find. On a good day, I found 3 out of 5 items!

When I felt my outfits were less than flattering, I’d look to ‘patch’ them up. I used to choose brightly coloured shoes or a fancy handbag and eye-catching jewellery in an effort to distract anyone’s eyes from my outfit (which I would generally feel was showing my lumps and bumps too much).

I always felt like the largest person in the room, always felt unattractive.

I hated shopping full stop. There was no enjoyment in searching for an outfit that was ‘just okay’, rather than one that could make me feel good.

Not any more, I absolutely love shopping in both real and virtual shops! I’m confident that when I see an outfit that takes my fancy, I can use body shapers to make sure it looks good on me.

Bodyshapers have saved me time and money (and sanity!).

6.  You can Showcase your Bust!

Many plus size women have larger than average breasts.  For some it’s a burden, for others a treasure, but for most, it makes clothes shopping more challenging.

Bras with good support can be hard to find.  When you do find a good one, you don’t want to have to leave it in the drawer in order to fit into a body shaper.  Thankfully, lots of body shapers are cut to the underbust level, allowing you to wear whatever bra you want!

7. Improved Posture!

Once you’re walking about in your well-chosen shape wear, you’re much more likely to maintain a better posture.  It can’t physically force you upright in the way that some back braces and specialist undergarments can.  Well, not yet anyway.

When you’re feeling great, you’re less likely to have your head bowed and attempting to shrink your body into the walls and furniture.  Why slouch when you look fantastic?

New shapewear is being developed with special straps to correct posture.  In the meantime, walk tall and proud in your stunning body shaper!

8. Less Pain!

If you suffer from lumbago or other forms of lower back pain then a body shaper can provide a level of support to these areas that you won’t get from normal clothing.

The body shaper will be giving your muscles support, especially around the torso. This can also help to relieve lower back pain. There are special corsets and vests that can prevent ‘hunchback’ postures – important as we age.

9. Wearing A Body Shaper Encourages Healthy Eating!

The great feeling you’ll get from wearing the supportive shapewear and knowing you’re looking slimmer, will encourage you to make healthier choices regarding food and exercise. It certainly makes me think twice about bingeing when I’m wearing it.

Whenever I diet (and that’s fairly regularly), I wear a body shaper for most of the day. One that offers enough support to hold in my wobbles, but not so much compression that I’m feeling restrained or want to take it off and let it all hang out!

This makes me look better and feel better about myself, giving me the much-needed mental health boost talked about above. As I go about my day, people tell me I’m looking well (reinforcing my positive feelings about myself) and this makes me not want to chuck it all away for a big juicy burger!

Wearing the body shaper makes it easier to resist cravings or over-eating. It’s not a golden cure for bingeing but it’s pretty close.

Look thinner and you’ll act thinner!

10. It’s Fashion-proof and Age-Proof!

Hands up whose got a few fashion faux pas hiding at the back of your wardrobe?  Neon vest tops, acid-washed jeans, pedal pushers, stirrup pants, pixie boots and fingerless gloves?  Leg warmers, rara skirts, shell tracksuits and frilly high-necked blouses?  Let’s not get started on the hairstyles that went with these ‘fashions’.

Unlike with the season’s trends, you never need to current fashions into account when buying a piece of shapewear.  It’s underwear, not intended to be seen, and the human body doesn’t change that radically!

11. It’s Safer and Cheaper than Surgery!

Consider the cost of shapewear.  Obviously it depends on the size of the piece, the quality of the piece and the level of compression you’re looking for.  However, I’m pretty sure it’s still going to beat these whopping prices!

Average UK cost of a tummy tuck: £4,500 to £6,000.

Average UK cost of a boob job:  breast implant surgery costs between £3,500 and £7,000.

Average cost of a butt lift: £8,000.

These are just the average costs for the operation and don’t include any consultations before the operation or the follow-up appointments afterwards.

The thought of undergoing general anaesthesia for a non-life threatening operation, and the possibility of complications during or after that operation are not pleasant to think about.

You can avoid all that with the right body shaper or shapewear.


There are lots of bodyshapers for women out there so take your time and choose on that suits your body type and will go well with the style of clothes you wear the most often. You might need a few different styles so that you have one for work, for evenings, for weekends. Pretty soon you could have a drawer full of bodyshapers – like me!

I hope this article gives you some motivation to buy your first, or buy more, shapewear.  Can you think of any more reasons to love body shapers?

Ellie xx


  1. Agnes says:

    Hi, It was interesting to read about the different advantages of body shapers. Yes, you are right we, women really love to look slimmer which makes us feel better and this will add to eating healthy food and doing exercises as well. I haven’t even thought body shapers have healthy benefits as well. Do you think that they are good for women of any ages?

    1. admin says:

      Hello Agnes, Thank you for your lovely comments. Wearing bodyshapers has really helped my lower back pain. It’s made me more aware of my posture and made me stand straighter, which is good for my spine and tummy! I think you can wear them at any age. They’re a (comfortable) modern version of the corsets and girdles that women of all ages have worn for years. I wear shapewear every day – it’s become as natural as pulling on a traditional bra or knickers. I wish I’d discovered it years ago! My future posts will look at what ones to buy, where to get the best deals, etc.
      Agnes, if you do try any shapewear please let me know how you get on. Ellie xxx

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