Best Bras for Curvy Women – Be A Knock Out!


How do we decide which are the best bras for curvy women?  What makes a bra the best of its type (plunge, sports, push-up, padded, t-shirt, maternity, etc)?

Is it your own experience of the brand?  You like that brand so you’ll stick to it?

Is the best bra the one that your friends recommend?  Is it the one that shines in online reviews?

Is it the most expensive one?  Does the price guarantee that it’ll be a terrific bra?

Or is it how long the brand has been around?  You think it must be good because people keep going back for more?

All of these factors play a part.  Everyone will have a different answer about what the best plus size bra is.

However, I truly believe the best bras for curvy women are ones that don’t cause you any problems or discomfort AND look good!


Beige, Beige and More Beige!

best-bras-for-curvy-womenWhen I was growing up, most high street stores only stocked ‘normal’ sizes (usually up to about a 38 inch chest and a C or maybe D cup).  Anything larger was much harder to find and much less attractive to look at.  If you were lucky, there was a choice of white or beige!

So for a long time, we curvy women have been given little choice regarding bra styles or colours.  We were desperate for bras that were colourful, pretty, sexy, affordable, well-fitting and long-lasting.   Not much to ask!  Plus-size shouldn’t mean Minus-style!

best-bras-for-curvy-womenDon’t despair any more ladies!  Thanks to the internet and online shopping, there is a huge range of colours and styles available to us nowadays.  It’s never been easier to find bras to buy, but it’s also too easy to get lost when there’s so much choice.

I’m going to choose some of my favourite bras for curvy women but first a quick reminder of the things we want to avoid when getting a bra.  Do you suffer from any of these?


Common Bra Problems

  • The dreaded Four Boob Effect! This happens when there is overspill of your boobs from the cup – your best-bras-for-curvy-womencup size is too small and that extra bit of boob has to go somewhere.  Often this means the boobs try to escape over or under your bra cups, giving your 4 boobs instead of 2!                                                     {Since many women underestimate their cup size, please see our Measuring Guide at the end of this article}
  • Wrinkly, puckered space left over in the cups (cup size too large)
  • The bra rides up your back (band size too small and/or breasts are not supported, leading to sagging downwards).  You need a bigger band (chest) size
  • Side boob spillage (the bra band is too small or the cup is too small, leading to boob escape!)
  • Aching back and shoulders from lack of support (really common when you have a plus size bust. You need the correct band size and good straps)
  • Falling straps (straps either too loose or the bra band is too big)
  • Straps that dig into your skin (straps are too tight or too thin, or the bra band is too big)


How Do I Avoid These Problems?

When you’re bra shopping, look for a bra with:


Best-Plus-Size=BraGood Plus Size Bra Shopping List

  • Look good
  • Wide straps or non-stretch straps which are adjustable
  • Perhaps a racer-style back for extra support
  • Enough underwire to give your breasts shape OR
  • Comfortable cups to cushion your boobs (padded or non-padded)
  • Prevent your boobs from hanging so low that they merge with your waist!
  • Be affordable


Time to Measure Up!

Before you buy another bra ever again, get measured!  This will help you avoid the common bra problems listed above.  Either measure yourself (you need 10 mins alone with a tape measure) or have a friend help, or go to a store where the assistants will be used to measuring people and will know exactly what to do.  Knowing your correct bra size will save you time and money.

Remember that your breast size changes with weight gain, weight loss, age and pregnancy.  Your boobs will change throughout your life.  The bust you had as a teenager is different to the one you have pre-and-post pregnancy and as an older woman.  Yet most women have never hadbest-plus-size-bra-measurement their bra size measured in a store, or haven’t had it done for years.  They’re still selecting bras based on their size 10 or more years ago!

  1. Put on your best-fitting bra (not a padded one) so that your breasts are supported when you measure.
  2. Measure under your bust (at the level where the bra band would be) to get your Band (underbust) size.
  3. Measure around the fullest part of your bust to get your cup size. Round up the measurement to the nearest number if you need to.  Look at the chart below to see what size you should be (contact me below if your size is not on here).


Bra Size Chart (in centimetres)


I’ve tried many bras over the years, changed brands and tried any new gimmick.  I think this has prepared me to give my views on the best ones available.  Here are my favourite bras on the market currently.  As there are many types of bra, this article is focusing on full support bras.   (Please see my Reviews page for other styles of bras and shapewear reviews).


My Top 5 Plus Size Full Support Bras

 Elomi Women’s Plus Size Raquel Underwire Full Cup Banded Bra

Perfect fit, comfy straps, underwire doesn’t dig in!

Price Range: £42.00 to £54.00 from Amazon

Colours: Taupe, Black, Sapphire Blue or Berry Pink

Size: up to 44GG

Forever Full Cup Side Support Bra

Good support and pretty to look at!

Price: £74.00 from Amazon

Colours: Black and White

Size: up to 50D

 Goddess Women’s Everyday Bra

Terrific support for big boobs, stops boob bounce!

Price range: £15.00 -£49.00 on Amazon

Colours: Black and Beige

Size: up t0 46HH

 Primadonna Deauville Full Cup Bra

Great support, gorgeous, machine washable!

Price: £88.00 on Amazon

Colours: Black

Size: up to 105H

Glamorise Women’s Full Figure Magiclift Embroidered Wirefree Bra

Ultimate support, wide straps, high cups, pretty

Price Range: £15.00 – £64.00 on Amazon

Colours: White only

Size: up to 56H


Please let me know if you what’s your own favourite plus size bra and why? Have you loved it for years or only discovered it recently?


Ellie xx

Founder of Plus Size Shapewear





  1. Justin Dew says:

    I’m not a lady so I haven’t had that issue, but that’s good information on the reasons behind some problems that happen. Its also nice that its explained what you can do in order to make it better. It’s also nice like you said that there are pictures of the product as well as the price, helping you make a informed decision. This is good for the individual with this issue, or even for a significant other as something to purchase for a intimate present.

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