Cotton Bras for Plus Size Women (Be A Cool Operator!)


Cotton bras are timeless and we’ve probably all got one or had one at some point of our lives, often either as as our first teenage bra or a nursing bra.  Cotton comes from the seedpod of the cotton plant. It is a natural fibre and eternally popular because it’s versatile, durable and reliable. Cotton can be woven or knit into a cloth. Cotton bras for plus size women are easy to wear, easier to find than before, and a great choice for everyday wear. Let’s take a closer look……..

Cotton has been around for a long time. A really, really long time. Over 7,000 years! It has thousands of cotton-bras-for-plus-size-brasuses and has been used in hundreds of fabrics. Cotton has been mixed with man-made fibres like rayon, polyester and wool. It’s still so popular because,  especially as technology advances, there are more fibres and materials that cotton can be blended with. We can see this in cotton bras for plus size women – some are pure cotton, others are a cotton blend, mixed with newer fibres for to meet different needs.

From cotton’s humble beginnings clothing the ancient people of China, Egypt and India, you’ll now find cotton everywhere in the world. It’s in crisp cotton bedsheets, towels, coffee filters, jeans and other clothing, paper, fishing nets and cotton balls to remove make-up and nail varnish!


Top Reasons to Pick Cotton Bras!

  • Cotton bras are famously comfortable to wearcotton-bras-for-plus-size-women
  • They’re hypoallergenic – women who find their and skin are sensitive will find cotton much more comfortable and soothing
  • As a natural material, pure cotton is also more eco-friendly (so your boobs can help save the planet!
  • Because cotton keeps you cool, it’s very suitable for anyone experiencing hot flushes


Pure Cotton and Cotton Blend Bras

Always check the label or the product description if buying the bra online. The cotton might be all over the bra or just in the cups. There are 100% cotton bras available and there are bras with less than 100% cotton content, usually mixed with another material to make them more stretchy or to give firmer support.

For larger cup sizes, choose a cotton blend bra for the right mix of comfort and support, so that your breasts are held in place.


When Would I Use a Cotton Bra?

cotton-bras-for-plus-size-womenEvery Day! You can use a cotton bra for everyday use (or a cotton blend bra for larger cup sizes).

Every Night! Cotton bras are great to sleep in, offering support and comfort – no more squashed boobs! Cotton fibres don’t trap heat and so it will keep you cool in bed.

Binge watching a box set! There’s nothing better than lying on the couch watching your favourite show, sweatpants on and a comfy cotton bra. The last thing you want is an itchy bra annoying you every time you reach for a snack!

When Doing Gentle Exercises! A cotton or cotton blend bra will offer gentle to firm support as you practice your pilates or yoga poses. Don’t worry about a light sweat either – cotton fibres absorb perspiration and release it on the fibre surface so that it evaporates.

Anyone Who Loves Clean Laundry! Cotton is really easy to keep clean. Cotton items can be put in the washing machine or dry-cleaned. It can cope with high temperatures so you can boil wash it. This also sterilises it, making it a good choice for maternity or nursing bras, baby clothes and bibs.

Anyone Who Hates Doing Laundry! Cotton doesn’t need to be washed as often as many other fabrics. It doesn’t retain smells very easily. Less laundry = more time for fun stuff!

For Maternity or Nursing needs: Cotton is so much gentler on tender breasts than many man-madecotton-bras-for-plus-size-women fibres. Plus, when you’re nursing, the last thing you need to worry about is breast milk leaking and having to cope with a smelly or stained bra! Cotton is very stain-resistant and doesn’t absorb odors easily.

After Radiotherapy: Your skin will be tender, it may appear burnt, and will be sensitive. Choose a bra with as high a cotton content as possible, ideally 100%.  Ensure there’s no underwire or seams and that it’s not tight-fitting (this can lead to the breast swelling). Avoid embroidered or lacy finishes that could come into contact with your delicate skin and cause irritation. A front fastening-bra will be the easiest to use.

After Breast Surgery: After a lumpectomy or mastectomy gentle support is paramount. Choose soft seams, a wide underband, full cups (to hold any breast form or prosthesis in place), separated cups (so that there is no way the prosthesis can ‘slide’ towards the other breast). There will usually be pockets sewn into the back of cups where you insert the prosthesis. Follow the guidelines for ‘After Radiotherapy’ (above). Front-fastening is important after surgery as there may be limited arm movement.


Can I Easily Wash a Cotton Bra?

Yes, pop it into the washing machine. Cotton bras can withstand high temperatures so you can boil wash it if need be.


Sounds Great But There Must Be Some Cons?

Here are the cons. The good news is that there’s a solution for all of them!

  • If polyester has been added to the cotton, the cotton fibres becomes less breathable the material can cotton-bras-for-plus-size-womenbobble or pill (choose pure cotton or high content cotton bras to avoid this)
  • Cotton can wrinkle easily and some cotton garments will shrink on the first wash. Many cotton products. However, some cotton pieces are blended with other fibres to reduce shrinkage (shrink control)
  • If you’re doing high-intensity exercise and sweating a lot, cotton can retain the moisture and odours may develop over time (wash them frequently to counteract this)
  • Did you know that most of the world’s cotton is now genetically-modified (70% of American cotton, 90% of Indian cotton)? These crops rely heavily on pesticides and weedkillers, reducing biodiversity and harming some plant and animal species. Thankfully, organic cotton is available and demand for it is growing. It’s as easy to buy an organic cotton bra online as it is any other type of bra.


OK, But Can Cotton Bras for Plus Size Women Look Good Too?

cotton-bras-for-plus-size-womenCotton doesn’t mean plain or no-frills! For gorgeous cotton bras for plus size women check out these pretty ones at Catherines, up to chest size 54. There is also a terrific section on specialty bras and accessories. You’ll find a great selection of classic cotton bras by an industry-titan Miss Mary of Sweden, going up to chest size 52.

Custom-made eco-friendly plus size cotton bras can be found here. All sizes and styles are catered for. It’s a palace where they build dream bras!

For maternity and nursing bras, check out these.

Have a look at this selection if you are looking for radiotherapy bras. Up to a chest size 42. Start your search for quality mastectomy and post-surgery bras here.



A quality cotton bra is timeless and can offer enormous levels of comfort. Every woman can benefit from having some cotton bras in her lingerie drawer. Cotton bras for plus size women offer excellent value for money and will last a long, long time.

Please leave any comments or questions below. Have you tried cotton bras before?


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