Get a Big Butt! – Look Great in Jeans!


One of today’s hottest style topics is how to get a big butt. Years ago we tried to have the smallest behinds possible but now a large derriere is to be celebrated! Don’t worry if you feel your rear needs some help in that area.  Today’s shapewear will do for your butt what a bra does for your bust!

You might want your butt to look bigger.  You might want it rounder.  You might want to lift it up a little.  You might want to make it the first thing that people notice about you!

Most women are likely to wear jeans or pants regularly, either for work or for everyday wear.  It’s time to feel great in your jeans again.  The right shapewear combined with the best style of jeans for you will work wonders.


Why we Love Jeans!

Jeans have been around since the 1870s, invented by Davis and Strauss in San Francisco.  They’re Woman in Jeans 2workwear, casual wear, fashion wear and affordable wear!  I think almost everyone on the planet has a pair of jeans in their closet!

We love jeans because they’re so versatile.  You can wear them to almost any occasion.  Add a sparkly or smart top with heels to your jeans for a night out.  Add a cute blazer and scarf to your jeans and top for a lunch in town with the girls.  Combine your jeans with a favourite sweater for a shopping trip or the school run.


They Last Forever!

A good pair of jeans will last many years.  Even when they’re eventually old and threadbare you can cut off the legs and wear them to the beach as shorts!


Which Jeans Suit Plus Size?

  • Boot Cut Jeans are excellent if you have an hourglass figure (large bust and hips, smaller waist). Look for material with ‘stretch’ that will cling to your enviable curves.  Slightly flared legs or straight legs will balance out your proportions.
  • Trouser Jeans are a great choice for pear figures (larger butt and thighs, narrow waist). Trouser jeans make the legs look longer and skim over your bum and thighs.
  • Skinny Jeans are often avoided by some women (afraid that it will make their larger tummies more prominent as their legs taper downwards getting skinnier and skinnier). However, they can be a good choice.  Just make sure you choose a dark colour and wear a long, loose top.  This helps balance out your shape.
  • Traditional straight leg jeans are a popular choice and rightly so. The jeans will create a long, straight line making you look slimmer and taller.


get-a-bigger-buttWhat to Avoid when Shopping for Plus Size Jeans

Light fabrics: remember that darker fabrics are naturally more slimming.

Low rise waist: these will likely give you a ‘muffin top’ overspill!

High Rise waist: they might feel comfortable but may well accentuate a large tummy.


And Now for the Butt-Lifting Shapewear!

So you’ve got your jeans, now how can you make a spectacular big butt?

  1. Bum booster shorts (may also be called high-waisted thigh slimmers or long shorts). These look like shorts and can end at the top or mid thigh level.  They can be low or high-waisted.  Some versions can be worn with added bum pads if an even bigger butt is desired!  If you’re wearing skinny jeans, go for shorts with laser-cut edges so that they end of your shorts (at your thigh level) will not be visible under your tight-fitting jeans.
  2. Butt-lift shaper shorts (also known as booty enhancers).  Similar to normal shaper shorts but the get-a-big-butt‘cheeks’ circles are cut out. The shorts cradle the butt the way a bra does for your bust, providing support and lift.  These invisible support circles will plump up your butt cheeks like a push-up bra.  The circular seams should be invisible under you jeans.  Again, bum pads can be added to enhance your butt even further.
  3. Shaping briefs (may also be called high-waisted shorts or high-waisted briefs). These are briefs that will pull your tummy in and support and lift your butt upwards.   They are a very good place to start if you’re wary of making your butt too big all at once.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.  Now, go out there and show off your new butt-lift!


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