How to Lose Arm Fat Fast – Join the Secret Army!


Picture the scene. You’re wearing a lovely dress which fits beautifully and accentuates your natural curves. The colour suits your skin tone, your make-up is perfect, your new shoes and handbag are to die for. However, something is wrong. Something is making you self-conscious.  You’re afraid to lift your arms! You love your outfit but you’re already worried about hitting the dancefloor and everyone spotting your bingo wings – aka your flabby upper arms! You wish you knew how to lose arm fat fast!

Sounds familiar? Upper arm fat is one of the most troublesome parts of a woman’s body, particularly as she ages. We all have fat on our arms and it is there for a reason. The female sex hormone oestrogen is at the root of it. Yep, the very same oestrogen that you might not have heard of since biology class in high school!  This oestrogen makes it hard to lose arm fat fast.

lose-arm-fat-fastMen and women both have oestrogen and testosterone in their bodies. Men have more testosterone, women have more oestrogen. Testosterone is used to build muscle and a lack of muscle relates to a lack of testosterone. We also need the mineral zinc to build muscle, bone and tissue so a diet that’s deficient in zinc will lead to difficulties producing and maintaining healthy muscles.

Women need oestrogen for sexual and reproductive development, to regulate their periods, to stop ovulation during pregnancy, to build bones, to clot blood and a thousand other essential jobs. We simply can’t live without it.

Can I get Rid of Arm Fat?

Chances are no, not in the permanent way you would hope to at least! Oestrogen really likes to store fat. In women it likes to store it on the bottom and hips and……………the upper arms! This storage is hormone-driven and it’s not possible to change your hormones!

Will Exercise Get Rid of Arm Fat?

lose-arm-fat-fastExercises can only do so much to ‘tone’ you upper arms. Plus, any toning will be invisible unless you lose arm weight first. It’s extremely hard to lose weight from one part of your body. Weight would need to be lost all over as part of a diet and general exercise plan. Then you would use arm exercises targeting the biceps and triceps to tone them up.

However, just to make thing more complicated, the clock is ticking against us. As we age, it gets harder and harder to lose weight and our skin tends to sag (accelerating the bingo wings look). This is normal.

So if we can’t ‘fix’ our muscles, what else could help to lose arm fat fast?

What Else can Help?

Increasing the amount of zinc in your diet will help.  Good sources include red meat, shellfish, dark chocolate, chickpeas, beans, lentils, seeds, nuts, eggs, dairy products, potatoes and wholegrains.  Zinc isn’t stored anywhere in your body so you need to replenish your stocks every day.  The recommended daily zinc target for women is 8 milligrams.

You might want to also increase the amount of testosterone in your diet while you’re at it – try upping your intake of salmon, tuna, fortified cereals, lose-arm-fat-fastavocado, flaxseeds, eggs and low-fat milk.

However, it will take time and consistency and you will need to combine this type of diet with some exercise to see any real benefit.  Oh yeah, and you’d need to do this forever!

What’s The FASTEST Solution? Join the Secret Army!

There are so many beautiful tops and dresses around, especially in the summertime.  The majority of these are sleeveless or have small cap sleeves. Therefore, ladies, you have 3 feasible solutions when it comes to wearing fashions you love that will also disguise or eliminate your bingo wings:

1.  Find a Dress with Sleeves.

This could work but maybe even with sleeves you still feel conscious of your upper arms wobbling.  You are also limited to that style of dress, which can be hard to find at certain times of the year.  Wearing a dress with sleeves can certainly help but only if you like the dress or top.  Otherwise, it’s a compromise you might not have to make if you choose one of the other solutions.

2.  Add Sleeves to a Sleeveless Dress or Top

Find a dress or top without sleeves that you can ‘add’ sleeves to.  These ‘sleeves’ are usually crop-top style or sleeves and shoulders that go around your back.  They are generally thin material so that they can fit under outfits.  Most of these products are inexpensive but they may be too sheer and lose-arm-fat-fastnot offer enough compression.  This means you might still show some wobbles.

However, there are many styles and colours available, with different sleeve lengths and they will give you many more options on what to do with your current dresses and tops.  If you haven’t considered these before, look at some of these examples.

Feilianda JJ New Plus Size Seamless Arm Shaper Lace Cardigan

Long lacy sleeves, bell-shaped sleeves.  Comes in black or white.  A stunning way to adapt a top or dress.  Up to UK size 16.  Check it out here.

Feilianda JJ Slimming Arm Shaper

Up to size 3XL.  Available on Amazon.

Chictry Women’s Long Sleeve Floral Lace Shrug

This lovely under-clothes shrug comes in black lace, white lace, or a black mesh material, so there should be something to suit most outfits – we all have a Little Black Dress somewhere!  It has 3/4 length sleeves.  Check it out here.

3.  Wear Shapewear on your Arms

This is like wearing great hosiery on your arms! There are various different styles that will allow you to add sleeves to dresses or wear short sleeve tops with longer sleeves underneath.  This superior arm shapewear offers excellent compression to stop wobbles and jiggles and you’ll use it many times over.  Having arm shapewear automatically gives you a bigger wardrobe by letting you transform the clothes you already have.  Rest assured, your arms will look taut and toned with any of the following:

Spanx Women’s Arm Solid Shapewear Pullover

Lightweight, long sleeves, up to size XL (UK 20).  Black or white.  Available on Amazon.

Spanx Women’s Herringbone Arm Tights

Long sleeves with a beautiful herringbone pattern.  Very lightweight and 100% nylon.  This comes in white and up to size 2X.  Available on Amazon.  There is also a fishnet pattern too.

Leonisa Women’s Post-Surgical Arm Compression Vest Shaper

Up to XL in beige or black.  This offers excellent compression (no wobbles!) and you can wear with your own bra (this is important as you may choose a different bra style for different necklines on dresses or tops).  An added bonus is that it will also compress ‘back fat’.   Available on Amazon.

Joyshaper Slimming Arm Shapers

Available as short (elbow length) or 3/4 length sleeves.  Like the Leonisa version above, you can wear your own style of bra.  It comes in beige or back, up to size 3XL.  Available on Amazon.


Wave A Final Goodbye to Arm Fat!

Okay soldier, now you’ve learned how to get rid of arm fat fast! You’re in the Secret Arm-y!  You know what to do with existing or new outfits that just won’t feel right without arm coverage – buy sleeves or arm shapewear!

Now picture that scene again, you’re on the dancefloor, arms above your head, not a care in the world!  Your arm shapewear has cured your your flabby arms!  You’ll never have to worry about them again!


Please let me know if you’ve ever tried arm shapewear before and what your experience was like.  Also, feel free to leave any comments or questions below and I’ll get straight back to you.

Ellie xx

Founder of Plus Size Shapewear

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