What is Spanx Shapewear? 5 Things You Really Need to Know!

If you’ve ever asked yourself ‘what is Spanx shapewear?’ then you’re in the right place.  The short answer is that it’s a miraculous invention!  The longer answer is that it’s a range of undergarments designed to give you the sleek body you dream of.

Spanx shapewear will enhance all your curves while smoothing and flattening the bits that you would rather not show off.  There is shapewear for every size of woman and it can be worn to absolutely any occasion.  To the gym?  Yes.  To work?  Yes.  To the supermarket?  Yes.  To a wedding?  Yes.

You’ll still look like you, but you’ll look like the best physical version of you that’s possible without a whole lot of exercise and surgery!  What is Spanx shapewear?  A miracle!


What Kinds of Spanx Shapewear are there? 

There’s shapewear for pretty much every part of your body.  Some targets specific areas and some cover larger areas to produce an overall slimming effect.

Wish you had a bigger, more shapely bottom? – try the mid-thigh shapers and shorts.  Wish your stomach was flatter?  Try bodysuits, control panties or slips (depending on your outfit).

Spanx has a wide range of Bodysuits, Mid-thigh shapewear, Footless and Capris (sheer hosiery-style shapewear that covers you from the waist to the mid-calf area), Shorts, Panties, Tanks, Camis and Slips.

There’s guaranteed to be something to meet your needs.


Can I Get Plus Size Spanx?

Yes!  The Spanx size range covers XS, S, M, L, XL, 1X, 2X, and 3X.   It’s very important not to pick a size smaller than your normal size, with the plan of looking even slimmer.  Instead, it’ll likely be too tight and create bulges where there were none (and be very uncomfortable!).

Measure yourself several times, or get a friend to help, to get the most accurate results.

Size Bust (inches) Waist (inches) Hips (inches)
XS 31-33 24.5-26.5 32-34.5
S 33.5 -35.5 27-30.5 33-37.5
N 36-38 31-33 38-40.5
L 38.5-40.5 33.5-35.5 41-43
XL 41-43.5 36-39 43.5-45.5
1X 44-47.5 39.5-42 46-49.5
2X 48-51.5 42.5-45 50-53.5
3X 52-54 45.5-48 54-56


How Does Spanx Work?

shapewear-slipSpanx shapewear are made from a mix of nylon and Spandex or elastane.  Online sales sites and the tags on shapewear will show what percentage of each material is in a piece.  In general, the more nylon in a garment, the more it will change your shape.  Sometimes there may be a small amount of silicon in the garment hems or bands to stop it rolling up or down.

You can also choose the level of ‘support’ (compression) in your Spanx.  There are 3 levels of ‘Support’ in Spanx.  Level One is Smooth (‘a light hug’), Level Two is Shape (‘a firm hug’), and Level 3 is Sculpt (‘a superfirm hug’).  Level 3 offers the maximum compression and promises total transformation (red carpet style!).


Will Spanx Cost A Fortune?

No!  Let’s look at the price ranges for the most popular shapewear items:

  • Bodysuits – cover you from the chest to the mid-thighs or knees (the bottom half is shorts-style). Price Range: $58 to $168
  • Mid Thigh Shapers – these look like shorts or cycling shorts.  Price Range: $30 to $128
  • Slips – cover you from the chest to the mid-highs or knees (the bottom half is skirt-style).  Price Range: $68 to $168
  • Camis – cover you from shoulder to waist.  Price Range: $38 to $62
  • Panties.  Price Range: $34 to  $62


Remember that buying a piece of Spanx is a true investment in a long-lasting piece of high quality shapewear.  You can wear it hundreds of times and dazzle in all your outfits!

Sure, you can buy cheaper imitations online but these often have lower amounts of nylon/spandex and won’t compress and smooth the way Spanx does.  Instead, you’ll waste your money and feel disappointed with the ‘result’ you see in the mirror.  You are worth more than that.

Now you are armed with enough knowledge to go and explore the shapewear universe!


Have you tried shapewear before?  Was it a good or bad experience?  I’d love to hear about it.  Also, please let me how you get on if you decide to use shapewear for the first time.  Leave any questions or comments in the box below and I’ll get straight back to you.


Ellie xx

Founder of Plus Size Shapewear



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